Installation Services:

We offer onsite installation support services, we send our engineers onsite for conducting the site review and provide all pre-requisites to clients required for product installation.



Risks evaluation

HUB Solutions

Our Hub solutions is focused on offering EV infra for;

Fleets – CAB’s, Passenger Buses, Trucks

Workplaces–Offices, Tech Parks and Industrial Hubs

Commercial spaces– Malls, Public Car Parking

EV Charger Installation
EV Charger Installation

EV Charging Stations

Mile to Smile program

Destinations (key Locations) – Showrooms, Food Plaza’s and etc.

National Highways– COCO Fuel Stations (BP, IOCL, HP, SHELL).

State Highways- COCO Fuel Stations (BP, IOCL, HP, SHELL), Toll Plaza, Lay Bey, Food Plaza’s