EO Genius

EO Genius

EO Genius

Meet our intelligent commercial charging solution for fleets, workplaces and destinations. Once the EO Genius is connected to an EO Hub, you’ll get access to smart-charging functionality and to the EO Cloud online portal, offering a holistic view of your charging infrastructure.

Make it yours.

  • It’s smart Future proof smart hardware suitable for the EVs of today and tomorrow

  • High-speed charging – charge up to 22kW, 8 times faster than a standard socket

  • Energy usage – built-in active load management

  • Cloud connected – charging insights via the EO Cloud, our online portal

  • Secure access – restrict user access using RFID or app authentication

  • Signature design – 360 x 165 x 155mm

  • Universal socket or Tethered (Type 1 or 2)

Price available on request

  • Built-in active load management
  • Restrict access using RFID or EO App
  • Charging insights via the EO Cloud

Power (kW):

  • Charge up to 22kW


  • 175mm
  • 125mm
  • 125mm